Nebula (Level 00) : Writeup

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January 10, 2018 0 Comments

Nebula takes the participant through a variety of common (and less than common) weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Linux. It takes a look at

SUID files
Race conditions
Shell meta-variables
$PATH weaknesses
Scripting language weaknesses
Binary compilation failures

At the end of Nebula, the user will have a reasonably thorough understanding of local attacks against Linux systems, and a cursory look at some of the remote attacks that are possible.

Actually,I just little know exploit part of the system but i want to learn more about this shit. This series has include 20 level. I hope to understand more exploit part from this lab. Ok, Start from easy level 00.

Level 00 Description

We need to try user flag00 level to get the flag.

Now my userid is level00 but i need to become flag00 user group level.

I search in the flag00 dir but nothing there. so i try to use find command to search flag00 user permission to execute.

2>/dev/null is throw away the errors that we don’t want. it useful to find except error message.we found 2 executable file and run it.

Bango!. I can do it! Thanks for reading. Happy Hacking.

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